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How Much Time Should You Practice?

There are so many different opinions when it comes to practice time. If I practice more, I should get better…right? Wrong! This entire myth of spending thousands of hours will get you to become efficient at your instrument is just not true…well, not entirely true. Let me explain.

While, of course, spending more time practicing a day and keeping a consistent schedule to practice everyday is important, it is only half of the equation to get better at your instrument. Practicing with intent and with a purpose in conjunction with the amount of time you practice is the key to success! Just like a diet, it is not about how much you eat, but what you eat! You want to have those quality calories. Think about practicing the same way. You want to make the best of the amount of time in which you actually practice.

Always know why you are practicing a certain exercise, riff, or piece of music. Figure out what your goals are, and make sure you understand the correct steps to achieve those goals. Going through the motions of “practicing” without intent is just a waste of your time, and will give you more frustration than anything. If you’re practicing and not feeling fulfilled, then change up how you practice or learn how to practice in a different way. If something is not working, then it is time for a change in the approach.

Remember, practicing is supposed to be fun! Now, practice with a purpose!

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