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sund engineeing an audio engineerin and sound mixig

I am proud to have entered into the production side of creating music. I feel there is as much artistic touch on this side as there is in the songwriting process. The sound of the tune is what shapes the overall message, so the lyrics and melody can fully come across to the listener.


I host recording sessions at my home studio here in Maywood, NJ, for tracking. As a firm believer in keeping studio sessions affordable for aspiring artists and musicians, I offer competitive hourly rates and turn out an industry-standard product.


If you are a recording artist or songwriter in need of musicians or a band, my extended network of recording session musicians ranges in all genres on any instrument. My playing career has allowed me to meet some of the best musicians in the world in New Jersey and New York, and I would love to share their talents with you if you so desire.  

Take a listen to the examples and feel free to contact me for any bookings or questions you may have!

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