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What Online Lessons Are Like With Me

Skype lessons can be pretty intimidating to people who want to study music, but can’t physically be in my studio. Understandably, the tradition is to have an in-person lesson at the teacher’s home studio. People often think of certain issues - “Can you see me?” “How can you hear me?” “How am I supposed to be able to see you clearly?” “Where can you write the notes down for our lesson?”

While all of these are valid questions, these issues and concerns have been addressed by technology. I’m lucky enough to have a big computer screen to see you clearly. Remember, I know what to look for in order to teach you properly, regardless if you are in the same room or not. I can hear you because I have professional studio monitors with the clearest sound. You can see me because I have a 1080p Webcam that I bought to have the clearest possible picture during our lessons. I also have the technology that allows for me to sound like I am in the same room as you, both with my guitar and with my voice. I have a professional over-the-ear microphone and Scuffham Amplifier software for my guitar that goes directly to your speakers. It is truly incredible. All online video conferencing software has messaging portals that get archived, so you will be able to access your notes instantaneously with the application.

In addition, I send over digital charts of music, tabs, and music-related documents that I have created myself. These are all supplemental materials to make your learning experience more enhanced!

So, have no fear - my lessons are exactly what it would be like in person! Trust me, I take weekly online lessons with my teacher, Jeff, who lives in Brooklyn. I use it, and it is perfect. You know that saying, “Practice what you preach”? Well, I do, and I have been taking Skype lessons for about five years now, and technology keeps getting better, so I can further enhance your experience to give that real in-person feeling!

Whether you use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Zoom, the quality of our lessons will never be compromised.

If you have a working webcam on your computer, then you are all set! Just shoot me an email or phone call to set up a lesson!

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