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I am a New Jersey based musician, audio engineer, and instructor who has been playing professionally for over a decade. I am lucky to have played some of the biggest venues in the Tri-State Area, such as the Izod & Prudential Center, creating music with prominent Broadway, Orchestral, R&B, Blues, and Rock musicians from around the globe. There is no greater joy than earning a living from my passion. Every day I remind myself of this and approach my playing, engineering, and instruction with a dedicated work ethic.


My playing career has led me to two unique fields within music: education and engineering.


I have a deep appreciation for music education and believe it is one of the best ways to introduce and share music with others. In the past two years alone, I have had an average roster of 30 private weekly students on both guitar and flute ranging from beginner to expert level. In collaboration with my students, we set goals and build consistent strategies to achieve them.


My audio engineering philosophy is simple: run the most fluid and hassle-free recording session imaginable while turning out a top-quality mix no matter the genre. I believe the work speaks for itself and invite you to check out some mixes on the audio page.


Transparent communication with my clients and employers will always be my guiding principle. I thank you for visiting my site.

Michael Carleo and musician
Michael Carleo and audio engineer
guitar lesson and musician
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