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Engineering in My Home Studio

Do you need recording done for your musical theater project, original EP, or track you’ve always wanted to lay down? Well, my home recording studio is set up for tracking high-quality works. I offer extremely affordable hourly rates and mixing fees with a very fast turnaround.

Because of my ability to follow along with your recording musically, I am able to run an extremely efficient recording session to make you feel comfortable when laying down your tracks. I understand how exciting it is to record your own music, so it is extremely important to be super prepared before going into your recording sessions. The more prepared you are as a recording artist, the better your session will go.

I have the top-of-the-line microphones, interfaces, and recording software, so your tracks can be recorded at the highest quality. My motto - as long as we have a good signal going into the computer, mixing and mastering will be a breeze. No matter how good you are, you need to have the best quality signal for your recording. That’s where I come into play. I have studied proper mic placement and signal chaining to ensure a quality recording.

Check out my Engineered Audio page to hear some excerpts of tunes I have recorded, mixed, and mastered! Then, set up your appointment today!

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