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Picking the Correct Teacher

Are you interested in studying an instrument? It is extremely important for you to pick the correct teacher! This is vital to not only your progression as you learn, but the enjoyment you feel as you do it!

First, see if there are any friends or acquaintances you know who have any recommendations for teachers in your specific instrument. There are far too many music teachers out there that teach instruments that do not necessarily play them at a “professional” level. Make sure the instrument you are studying is the instrument your teacher plays primarily!

Don’t know anyone who takes music lessons? Do not just look up a person on Craigslist. Google local music teachers in your instrument, and check for references. Also, try to investigate testimonials of current students, reliability, teaching style, and rates. Lastly, make sure you get a free trial lesson to see if that teacher is the right fit for you. Any reputable music teacher will give a free trial. I do! As good teachers, we understand our teaching style may not be the right fit for everyone!

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